Uncover your Passions

a digital guide to unravel you innermost gifts and find the tools to share them with the world

Uncover your Passions guide



Uncover your passions is much more than an inspiring read, it's a practical step-by-step process to go from confusion, frustration and anxiety for the future, to clarity, trust in yourself and becoming master of your career path. 

Uncover your Passion is the unconventional career guide I wish someone would have shared with me when I was an ambitious teenager looking for my ideal job that would make me feel alive and happy and also make a difference to the world. 

I truly believe that choosing the way you spend your days is a piece of art.

It starts with a blank canvas and you are the artist deciding the shapes, colors, layers and the techniques to use. The more the process is intentional and pleasurable, the more unexpectedly beautiful and vibrant the final outcome will be. 

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. Howard Thurman



I wrote this guide because I believe that finding your passion it's a practice. And I want to give you all the tools I know, which have helped me too, to start this practice.

As humans we need a regular dose of inspiration and reminders of who we really are at our core. Both the inner influence of our mind and the outer influence of the world affect us constantly and tend to keep us safe in our comfort zones. But that's not what we're here on this planet for, so we need to practice going back over and over again to passion and truth.

I know it because it happened to me a few times.

I was born a sensitive dreamer, always imagining a world that doesn't exist yet, and craving for proofs that the lifestyle I was dreaming deep down to my bones was possible.

I was incredibly curious of new things, and especially of observing the human kind and soaking in all the inspiration, eyes-wild open from the adventurers, the dreamers and seekers I could put my eyes on.

But along the way, I lost trust in that belief that "anything is possible" and also that I was worthy of it.

It happened by getting into the school system, listening patiently to authority , learning the rules and getting to know the limitations of the "real world". Had my dreams and innate curiosity any value? Or was it better to close them off in a safe closet and follow the path that was advised to me?

This guide is in part that story and in part the practical tools to apply in your career and life, because my desire is to both connect with you and help you feel supported in your choices because you're definitely not alone in feeling stuck and confused at the moment, and most importantly to help you awaken the fire in your belly and take real action. 

 Uncover your Passion is for all the people out there who have a deep desire to feel alive and fully passionate about the way they're spending their days, and lives but they feel stuck.

They've been diligently following the designated path for most of their lives but after doing all the right things they still feel unfulfilled and with a nudging sensation there is more to it. And still the idea of drawing outside of the borders and change their prospective on career feel quite terrifying and a huge risk.  

After going through the guide you will experience a big sense of relief and excitement. 

  • You will gain a deeper knowledge of who you are and tools to go back to yourself every time you feel disconnected or worried
  • You will discover that the process of crafting your career can actually be fun and lighter than you expected. 
  • Your fear of making mistakes and taking the right decision will disappear and you will welcome a more flexible and free approach
  • You will become friend with uncertainty and build your self-trust muscle 
  • You will see your uniqueness as a strength and learn why it's empowering to be gentle with yourself

The guide is in digital format so you can download it straight away and work through it at your own pace.

It is divided into 10 chapters and each chapter covers some concepts so you can get familiar with them and some practical exercises. This guide builds on each lesson chapter by chapter so it is best read chronologically, applying the tips and tools as you move through it. But trust yourself and allow your passion to guide you.

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